PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS - Please follow the rules

Based on the specifications of the Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG) and public transportation the Luftseilbahn Engelberg - Fürenalp AG implement the measures of the protection concept, to ensure your security. In addition we focus on the recommendations of Cable Cars Switzerland and gastro suisse. 


Before you enter the cable car Fürenalp and Fürenalp snow sport area you confirm that you are healthy and without any symptomes of Covid-19. The entrance with Covid-19 symptomes is not allowed!

Our precautions

  • Surfaces are cleaned regularly .
  • Public rooms are aired regulary.
  • Guests find all the protection measures clearly visible.
  • Employees wash the hands thoroughly
  • Employees with direct guest contact wear masks.
  • All employees are informed over the actuell protection measures.
  • Employees with symptoms stay at home.

What can you do

  • Please respect the distance rules and guidlines of the BAG.
  • Please keep the distance of 1.5 m in the station and also in the queue outdoors if possible.
  • Please activate the Swiss Covid App.
  • Please wear the masks and follow the guidlines of the BAG.
  • Masks (CHF 1) are available at the valley station and Restaurant Fürenalp. Addionaly we sell tubes with integrated filter (Normal price CHF 19.50 / Special offer Winter 2020/21 CHF 9.50).

In the station and cable car

  • Masks compulsory in publicly accessible indoor and outdoor areas (queue) and on public transport.
  • Please follow the instructions of the employee. 
  • If you touche brochures or flyer, take it with you.

In the restaurant Fürenalp

  • In restaurant Fürenalp - masks compulsory.
  • Please stay seated at the table while eating and drinking.
  • On each table are maximum 4 persons.
  • Only people knowing each other sit at the same table.
  • Please wear the mask untill you sit at the table. At the table you can take off the mask. As soon as you leave the table you must wear the mask (toilett, buffet, etc.).
  • Please follow the instructions of the hosts. 
  • Following the the protection measures of GastroSuisse.