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Feel the energy of nature

Be fascinated by the power of nature. Do you feel the high energy levels or are you just able to relax and enjoy this magic place? While following the “Grotzli-Path” you will find indications of places where you can re-energize and soak up the positive energy. Be curious and pause for a moment to absorb the magic at some of the 12 places of energy.

Fürenalp Plateau

The Fürenalp Plateau is a place of power for some even a source of strength and positive energy. Without having to worry you may linger at any of those magic places. Very high energy levels have been discovered at “Hundschuft”, “Spitzigstein” and the rock formation “Unter dem Egge”. 12 different places of energy are marked and are generally only a few steps away from the nature trail “Grotzli-Path”.

Places of energy in Winter

During winter the places of energy are coated with a beautiful layer of sparkling white snow. Feel the positive energy during your walk or while discovering the area with snowshoes – a very special adventure.

Trail along the places of energy 

After you have soaked up the sun on the deck of the Fürenalp Restaurant, start your “Grotzli-Path” hike. Walk past the interesting “Limestone-Formation” which will lead you to the big “Gummstein”.

Make sure you spend some time at the little “Mirror- and Panorama-Lakes” and end your hike at “Hundschuft”.

Start and EndRestaurant Fürenalp
Distance3.4 km
Difference in altitude150 m (1780 to 1930 m a. sea level)
Duration*about 1.5 hours*

*it’s possible to only do the top or bottom loop, which will take about 45 minutes each

Places of energy Grotzliweg

a) Restaurant Terrace
b) „Schärphi“ with Anthill
c) Limestone Plate, Flagstone near small spring
d) Limestone Wall Sinkhole
e) Little Hill „Gupf“ with views to Spannort
f) Rock Formation „Unter dem Egge“
g) Bench „Hintersti Egge“
h) „Gummstein“
i) Little Mirror Lake
k) Little Panoramic Lake
l) „Spitzigstein“
m) „Hundschuft“

Restaurant Terrace

On top of the very steep Füren rock wall lays the alpine Restaurant Fürenalp with its very sunny deck. In summer 1979 the little cable car was built, which transports you comfortably along the spectacular cliff to 1850 meters above sea level. Once you reach the top enjoy and relax on the sunny deck, drink a nice coffee, or choose something else from the menu. Instantly you will notice the quiet and familiar atmosphere. People are friendly, no one is a stranger up here and the Restaurant team will ensure you are well looked after. When you are finally ready to leave you will notice how nice it was to sit on this deck. The energy levels invite you to stay, are slightly higher with a positive connotation which you may find quite pleasant. Before you leave, have a quick look at the stone garden which is situated near the outside stairs.

“Schärpi” with Anthill

The limestone with its indentations, the moss cushions and the houseleeks extends itself all the way into the actual path. Stay there for a moment and feel its positive and high energy levels–. It is interesting to notice the difference to the place where you see the anthill just below the path. There are no positive energy levels, as ants are compared to human beings attracted to other types of radiations.  This also shows how two areas with different levels of power and different kinds of energy can be situated so close and how quickly energy levels can change in nature. Ants prefer the same type of radiation as cats. For humans this kind of radiation would be unhealthy in the long run.

Limestone Plate, Flagstone near small spring

Another limestone plate captures your attention with its elevated energy levels. Take a moment and study the structure of the soft rock while feeling the flow of positive energy. It is fascinating to observe how the vegetation and the rocks interact with each other. Continue your hike and take a few steps to discover a little spring on the upper side of the path. It is a quite powerful spring even though the amount of water being released is small. The vegetation gives you a hint where the spring surfaces – can you see it?

Limestone Wall over Sinkhole

Here you notice the limestone wall covering a overgrown little sinkhole. A sinkhole (also called doline) or limestone funnel is a round or oval dip, an enclosed hollow of the terrain in a limestone area. The sinkholes on Fürenalp have a diameter of a few meters. They have developed by weathering of the limestone surface. Did you know that the diameter of a big sinkhole can measure up to several hundred meters?

The limestone wall above the sinkhole has high positive energy levels which can be absorbed just by being there.

Little Hill “Gupf” with views to Spannort

A sturdy little hill, overgrown with little pine trees, so called “Grotzli”, and the stunning views to Spannort both try to capture your attention. During the summer months this place is pastureland and is fenced in. Nature appears lively and in motion. You notice this when looking at how the Grotzli are growing – they are not only impacted by wind and weather, but also by the energy present in this area.

Rock Formation "Unter dem Egge"

The area „Unter dem Egge“ is dry terrain with significant importance for the Cantons. Take a few steps from the path towards the rock formation and admire the flora. The energy levels are high, similar to “Spitzigstein” near “Hundschuft” as well as “Hundschuft” itself. Have a seat on one of the stones and marvel at the different plants blossoming depending on the season. This place will provide you with lots of energy which will help you to have no issues to continue your hike uphill from here.

Bench "Hintersti Egge"

If you prefer to have the world at your feet instead of being “at the end of the world” (to get there, you would have to take the trail towards “Obere Ziebeln”), then pause for a little while at the bench “Hintersti Egge”. You are sitting at a place with pleasant energy levels.


This big block of stone, called “Gummstein” by the locals, provides protection for animals from the weather. Place yourself in the protective area of the stone and feel the calming and relaxing sensation if you lean against this big rock. As every organism reacts differently to natural powers it is best to try it out yourself to see how you personally react to it. You may also sit on the bench to enjoy the stunning view and the heightened power levels at this gentle place

Mirror Lake

All the mountains around this little Mirror Lake are mirrored on the smooth surface of this pond. It starts with the east face of Titlis, the Grassen ridge, “Bärenzahn” (Beartooth), Small and Big Spannort all the way to the massive Schlossberg. There is also a board explaining the panorama. The energy levels are high and positive at this place – you are standing at a pleasant place of power. It is well worth to take the perfect picture with mirroring mountains in the pond. Take your time to play with the scenery. You might even like it a bit exotic and set up your easel to paint during your next visit?

Panoramic Lake

Following the path around the “Hundschuft” you will reach the little Panoramic Lake. Here as well the energy levels are slightly higher and of positive nature. Across the surface of the water which nearly melts into the sky you can enjoy the spectacular views down into the valley and Engelberg with its Monastery. Did you know that up to the 17th century the Abbey was a double monastery? In 1615 the community of women moved to the close-by monastery St Andreas in Sarnen.


Here you will hear the calming murmur of the many mountain streams like “Lägeren-Stream”, “Räzelistöckli-Stream”, “Rundstöckli-Stream”, “Grassen-Stream”, etc.. The interesting rock formation “Spitzigstein” which is overgrown on one side is a place with high and positive energy levels and it marks a passage of a line of force. Those lines of force have been used in the area of power paths, communication and GPS. Those forces were mainly used BC and in early Christianity and have been forgotten about in the last hundreds of years. You may choose to climb up on top of the rock. Or you may just take in the energy by looking at the “Spitzigstein”.


Here on top of “Hundschuft”, the amazing lookout which towers over Engelberg, you are finishing up the places of energy roundtrip. There are also high and positive energy levels noticeable – similar to the situation at “Spitzigstein”. It is unknown where the name “Hundschuft” stems from. Although you will notice the “Hunds-Stream” on the other side of the valley rushing down from “Galtiberg”. Go to the big wooden table with the cross and feel the strength of positive energy at this magic place of power.

Everything radiates. You, the plants, the air as well as the soil. To discover and determine a place of power terrestrial radiation is examined to identify their intensity and quality. The intensity of radiation at a place of power is higher compared to other places, the quality is wholesome and beneficial for life.

Because of the different layers and various materials of the soil the intensity and quality of the earth rays vary. Strong places of energy can be close to places with weak or no radiations or even places with negative energy levels.

Research office for places of energy and cultural places Switzerland 

Dr Andrea Fischbacher discovered and documented 12 places of energy along the “Grotzli-Path”. During her second visit she detected the “Spring Trail Dagenstal” and the “Stäuber Hike”. Dr Fischbacher leads the office for places of energy and cultural places Switzerland.

We are thankful for the delightful cooperation with her.

Brochures and Information

At the valley station Fürenalp you will find the brochure “Grotzli-Path” with a map providing you with an overview and explanations to each place of power. The brochure is also available online (see link below). The information boards about each place of power are also available as a pdf.

Kraftorte Grotzliweg Prospekt - German

Kraftorte Grotzliweg Hinweistafeln - German

Kraftorte Gesamt: Grotzliweg, Qullenweg Dagenstal, Stäuber-Wanderung - German