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Tagenstall / Widderen short hike along alpine meadows (W22)

This hike takes you past alpine meadows and a slate quarry on the most direct route from the mountain station to the Fürenalp valley station or vice versa. You will have a fantastic view of the monastery village of Engelberg. Various places of power invite you to recharge your batteries.

Attraction on the hike Tagenstall / Widderen

The hike leads over meadows with unique alpine flowers. The Engelberg monastery has mined bricks for its buildings from the slate quarry. Can you see the traces of mining? The nearby hydroelectric power station produces electricity for the Engelberg monastery. The monks used to run the plant themselves and cleaned the small lake together every summer. Stop at Engelberg's highest waterfall. With its 60 m drop height, the Tätschbachfall is better known as the "Wasserfall", an impressive natural spectacle and a wonderful place to recharge your batteries. Do you hear the different sounds of its noise? The Restaurant Wasserfall is located at the foot of the falls.

Places of power "Spring-path" Engelberg - Tagenstall - Fürenalp

Dr. Andrea Fischbacher discovered and described places of power along the hike Engelberg - Tagenstall - Fürenalp. Recharge your batteries.

"Spring-Path" Dagenstal - Places of power (German)

Information hike Fürenalp Tagenstall

Fürenalp Bergstation - Widderen - Talstation Fürenalp1 h 35
Talstation Fürenalp - Widderen - Bergstation Fürenalp2 h 25
Length3.7 km
Altitude difference741 m
Panorama map Fuerenalp