Strong beer party and traditional bavarian folklore 14./15.03.2020

Traditional bavarian folklore party with strong beer "Salvator" and bavarian music on Saturday 14. March 2020 and Sunday 15. March 2020 starting 10:00 o'clock in the mountain restaurant Fürenalp (in good weather on the panoramic terrace).

Save the date and join us for the party, try the strong beer and sing "ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit"!

Party time with Andreas Hastreiter and Johannes Weindl

The two young, sympatic musicans from the bavarian foerst are guaranteed to create a festive mood. They sing and play the harmonica. Both of them receved the award "Sommerhitkönig" in the ARD show "Immer wieder Sonntags", Andreas in the year 2012 and Johannes in 2017.

Andreas Hastreiter
Severeal times Andreas has played, pinning his melody to our hearts. He likes to tell bavarian jokes.
Johannes Weindl
The sympatic musician is under 20 years, but plays with enthusiams you can feel it from head to toe.

Fifth season of the year

The strong beer party in München is called the fith season of the year and you find it not only in Germany but also on Fürenalp.

Josefa and Urs Portmann ensure an ambience of authentic bavarian flair and tradional dishes. They look forward to welcome you on Fürenalp!

Salvator - the father of strong beer

Paulaner’s brewing history begins with this beer. It was the Paulaner monks who invented this unfiltered bottom-fermented double bock. This beer has been brewed for over 375 years – always adhering to the original recipe, with only a few refinements over the years.
Alcohol: 7.9% vol, original wort: 18.3%

Videos from Andreas Hastreiter: