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Our Team

The Fürenalp team makes a great effort to enable you to have an unforgettable experience. It is important to us that guests or employees feel comfortable. The familial atmosphere and the long-term employees certainly account for that.

The front office of the cable car station is staffed with friendly women, and several helpful and competent people manage the background work. The flexibility of the team makes it possible to successfully operate the cable car.

The cable car team

«You see us first when you get to the Fürenalp gondola. Our biggest concern is that you feel comfortable when traveling with the Fürenalp gondola to the top station of Fürenalp.

If you’re thirsty or a little hungry, we have cold and hot beverages as well as snacks for sale at the bottom station of Fürenalp. Unique souvenirs, such as post cards, will keep your memory living of the Fürenalp.

If you like to know things about the Fürenalp cable car, then we gladly offer information. We know of the possibilities and deals of the Fürenalp cable car.

Is there anything we can do so that you feel even more comfortable at the Fürenalp cable car? Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? We would be delighted to hear from you in an email or talk to you in person.»

Your cable car team:

Team Engelberg Fürenalp  Team Engelberg Fürenalp     
Marlis Hurschler
head of sales & operation cable car
Silvia Dörig
sales & operation manager cable car
Monika Matter
sales & operation manager cable car
Marina Menia
sales & operation manager cable car

Mountain restaurant Fürenalp, Urs Portmann Manager

Dear guests and people interested in the restaurant Fuerenalp

I am proud to be the new host at the restaurant Fürenalp! Cocking is my passion. Hospitality in a realaxing atmosphere with the breathtaking nature on Fürenalp - what a wonderful combination. Read more 

Technic and service

Turns everything well? We take care, that there are no interference with the cable car that we can foresee. It is important to us, that you dear guest can enjoy the ride with the cable car - without disturbance.

Team Engelberg Fürenalp  Team Engelberg Fürenalp
Daniel Matter
Leader technic, 
Board of Directors
Kobi Matter
Service and technic
Beni Matter
Service and technic


Brigitte Stalder-Matter, marketing & finance

«Fürenalp is part of my life!

Brigitte Stalder-Matter 

I was four years old, when the cable car was built. In all the years I had the chance to experilence a lot. With pleasure I show you the beauty of Fürenalp. While hiking, walking, enjoying food, climb the via ferrata or other activities - Fürenalp is a jewel in the crown of the alpine world. With lots of passion we polish the diamont in the Alps for you. 

Is there anything you are interested in knowing about the Fürenalp cable car? I would be delighted to receive your inquiries or comments.»

Toni Infanger, preparing pistes in Winter

«My objectives are to provide you with a well prepared hiking path for you in the winter. Your desire to have a fast slope for your sled to drive down to the bottom of the mountain is being met by my preparation skills. I prepare with a machine called Ratrac (Kässbohrer PistenBully).

I find pleasure working in nature surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Do you have concerns in regards to the hiking path, sledding slope or marked snow shoe trail? Please let me know. I’m happy to hear from you.»

Toni Infanger