Hohmatt hike – "poacher path"

This hiking path was hiked on as well as much talked about from the SAC Engelberg (mountain touring club) 100 years ago. In 2010 the SAC organized a celebratory hiking.
Even 100 years ago people used this path as a means of reaching the alp pastures and fields to make hay. Due to some areas being obscured when looking up from the valley, poachers took advantage of it. This area not only provided shelter to the game but also to its hunter...

The path today – just like it was back then
The shortest hiking path on Fuerenalp leads over the alp "Hohmatt". Because the geographical line of the path is almost straight, you'll encounter a lot of challenging steep portions. For this reason, we recommend this path exclusively to trained and sure-footed hikers and when the weather is dry only.
The path crosses several small and large creeks, which descend downwards with waterfalls in very close proximity. In addition, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains across the valley, such as Grassengletscher or Galtiberg – just to name a few. About half way, you'll find the Hohmatthuette (lodge). This lodge radiates strength – which is apparent to everyone getting to the lodge. In the last third of the route, magnificent views of the Fuerenwand can be enjoyed. Quite a few people can discover a chamois in good eye.
After a vigorous rise, you can enjoy the hospitality in the Fuerenalp restaurant and dream of the wonderful ascent....

Length hiking path: : 3.11 km
Difference in altitude: 1124 - 1887 Meter
Hiking duration: about 2.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: challenging/difficult, only uphill

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